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That’s our goal anyway! Cystic Fibrosis is Ireland’s most life-threatening inherited disease which affects primarily the lungs and digestive systems, inevitably leading to malnutrition, constant chest infections and a reduced life expectancy. However we want to help change that! How? Well we’ve teamed up with the Cystic Fibrosis West team to help them raise the much needed funds required to build a very specialised day care unit at Mayo General Hospital, specifically for CF sufferers.

To do this we’ve set ourselves a Challenge to complete the 26 mile world famous Great Western Greenway - a picturesque walk/cycle trail which traverses Ireland’s idyllic Atlantic coast between Westport and Achill Island - When? March 18th 2012. Want to really make a difference? Think you can take the challenge?....

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On March 18th 2012 we will attempt to walk/cycle (or both) the 26 mile idyllic Western Greenway trail from Achill Island to Westport along the Atlantic Coast. Find out more


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With the money you help raise, the CF West team will edge even closer to their goal and you’ll help save the lives of those suffering with CF. Where the money goes


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